Latest LENS Technology report reveals true level of traffic movement

Latest figures released by digital out of home (DOOH) measurement company LENS Technology and Analytics reveal OOH audience numbers virtually snapped back to pre-lockdown levels as the majority of New Zealand headed into Level 2 restrictions.

The LENS DOOH Audience Report for Thursday September 9 showed OOH audiences lifted to 96.2 percent of normal levels in Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Tauranga.

Auckland, still in Level 4, remained at 25.3 percent of normal traffic volumes before lockdown, whereas Wellington hit 93.5 percent, Christchurch 93.7 percent, Hamilton 91.9 percent and Tauranga 122.8 percent after restrictions eased.

The live data was taken from 32 OOH placements in prime locations across the country through LENS’ partnership with LUMO Digital Outdoor. The digital network measures on average 800,000 commuting New Zealanders per day.

LENS uses state-of-the-art technology to obtain real-time measurements of audiences down to the hour. It is used by businesses like LUMO to rapidly inform its clients of the unpredictable changes in traffic volumes, specifically where their clients are advertising.

Co-Founder and CEO of LUMO, Phil Clemas says: “The LENS report highlights the value of site-based, real-time data and its importance when informing the market about what is actually happening now. Unfortunately, we still see reports published locally that rely upon third party sources, not built for purpose and lacking site-specificity and depth of insight.

“LENS has established a new benchmark in audience accountability, unique in the world. It is the most accurate measurement around, and although some are focused on doom and gloom, we are certainly seeing a far more optimistic picture.”

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