Last-gasp goal rivals Diana’s last rites for Breakfast viewing

Diana: pipped

At last, a rival to match the spectacular unifying experience that was Diana’s funeral: All Whites v Slovakia.

On Wednesday morning, after the All Whites drew with Slovakia, TVNZ’s Breakfast show achieved its highest average audience ever, displacing the previous record holder, 1st of September 1997, the morning after Princess Diana died.

Breakfast began 13 years ago and until Wednesday only one programme had attracted an audience over 200,000. But last week 212,120 watched Breakfast on Wednesday. 202, 590 watched post-Diana, proving inconclusively that the ‘White Blacks’ are more popular than the British royal family.

Speaking of the White Blacks, haters of the Italian team’s diving, over-acted eye grabbing and the ‘ankle grip, grimace and roll’ will be pleased to note that New Zealand is probably featuring on more front pages in Italy than ever before. Laugh at their misfortune by going here, where you can checking all the Italian papers.

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