Laphroaig mixes honesty with advertising

To those of inferior palate, the world of taste-testing seems wildly pretentious and filled with descriptors that have little to do with food or drink. So, in an effort to expose how laughable this tends to be, Scotch whisky company Laphroaig recently launched a campaign, via UK agency White Label, that invites common folk to share their opinions—however scathing—on its spirit.         

The campaign was first released through a short online clip that features a series of taste-testers trying the drink. And in a refreshing diversion from the usual high-nosed analyses, the tasters in this instance give their honest opinions of what they’re tasting.

And if viewers also want to weigh in and share their thoughts on the rugged, oily, creamy whisky that tastes a bit like smoked fish, then they are invited to do so through the company’s website


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