Kokako gets creative with limited release packaging design

Coffee retailer and Auckland-based café Kokako put Design Dairy in charge of creating beautiful packaging for a limited edition coffee release. Here’s a look at the vibrant design.

The packaging is for Kokako’s Purosa Estate single origin coffee from within HOAC in the Eastern Highlands Provence of Papua New Guinea and is stocked at Farro, Huckleberry and Commonsense Organics as a limited edition release of 900 boxes each.

Kokako marketing assistant Olivia Coote says to come up with ideas for design, Design Dairy poured over notes and photography, drank the coffee with the Kokako team and learnt about the growing and milling processes.

The colourful packaging features a stylised bird of paradise rendered brightly in red, blue, yellow and white.

Design Dairy graphic designer Frank Turner says:

“Our response to the brief was to create a vibrant illustrated bird of paradise and internal fold out that imitated the estates bold and distinct flavours. The bird is a national icon and features on hand woven welcome flags Kokako received from the estate, we viewed this as a chance to design a bold and punchy package, imitating colours traditional to PNG and those present on these flags. The ‘cousin’ bird of paradise works well alongside the existing Kokako brand as their own iconic native bird.”

The packaging has since been recognised by The Dieline and has been shortlisted for the 2016 Best Design Awards.

In a write up on Dieline’s website Turner says for Kokako the true essence of coffee is allowing them to tell the story of a bastion of the Papua New Guinea coffee industry and showcase the coffee of this estate.

“Kokako take great pride in connecting these coffee farmers with their customers, and we saw a unique opportunity to create a limited release coffee package that helped share and reinforce this connection.”

Design Dairy’s challenge was to create a visually unique package that reflected Purosa Estate in PNG, stood out on the shelf and acknowledged the relationship while retaining existing Kokako brand elements.

“We were inspired by a hand woven flag that Kokako was given by the growers of HOAC, which features the bird of paradise, a national icon of PNG,” he says.

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