Kiwis hungry for a slice of yuletide yeastiness

As the UK plunges into the depths of a freezing, grey winter, tonnes of Kiwi’s look as if they want to give it up, opting instead for beaches, BBQ’s and that season called summer. Marmite’s Bringing Home the Kiwis competition, which will bring home 100 Kiwis for Christmas, has received almost 1000 entries to date. But it’s not just Kiwis in the UK wanting to pack up and come home. While most entries are coming in from the UK and Ozzie, head judge and Marmite brand manager Hayley Findlay says they’re receiving entries from as far as Iceland, Mongolia, Chile, Uganda, Hungary, and Bahrain.

To celebrate its 100 yeasty years in New Zealand, Marmite has asked entrants to upload stories, images and video footage to support their cause, which can be edited and bolstered right up until the competition deadline of October 31. Marmite will announce 100 winners before November 14, who will then be flown home and for December 8.

“The effort being put into entries is overwhelming. Some people have posted to their page more than 100 times,” says Findlay, who adds the winners will be those who provide the most compelling stories and those who have put the most effort into their entry.

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