Kiwis’ annual radio listening habits revealed

The Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) and GfK 2022 Radio Device Insights Report has revealed AM/FM radio is still the main way Kiwis tune in.

Utilising data from the S1 2022 Radio Ratings, insights have shown that 86.1 percent of all radio listening is still taking place on an AM/FM radio, while 6.4 percent takes place via streaming on mobile phones, 4 percent on a TV or other and 3.4 percent on a computer. 

Broken up by age group, RBA’s insights indicated that the younger audiences of radio are listening via modern devices such as mobile phones and computers. 

“As expected, the younger age groups are more prevalent in this space showing that radio remains relevant to this demographic,” says Peter Richardson, The Radio Bureau General Manager. 

55.1 percent of total radio listeners are tuning in from the comfort of their own home. 

With the recent lockdowns and people working from home, the report has shown an increase in people listening at home with steady listening activity at home and in the workplace between 9am to 5pm. 

With people returning to offices and their workplaces, 20.1 percent are tuning in while at work and and 23.3 percent are listening in from their cars.

The most popular listening times in cars are as expected during early morning and late afternoon commutes from Monday to Friday. 

“The report shows that radio’s flexibility in being delivered to audiences on platforms of their choosing, helps keep radio a central part of Kiwis’ day-to-day lives,” says Richardson.

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