Kiwibank’s dirty money

It’s a bit of a lolly scramble in bank land at the moment, and we mentioned a few of the overtures National Bank competitors received from competing banks last week. But Kiwibank and Ogilvy have turned on the Barry White, lit a few candles and, with a challenger brand twinkle it their eyes, set about wooing Kerre Woodham.

ASB played on the switch pun recently with its dedicated switcher ad, and Kiwibank is doing the same with ‘the switch before you’re switched’ line. 

While there’s plenty of flirting between banks and customers at the moment, there’s even been a bit of inter-agency eyelash batting, with BNZ sending a card to Kiwibank to thank them for throwing fuel on their Money is good/Money is bad conversation. 

“Awww shucks BNZ! We were tickled pink to get your thank you card for having a bit of fun with your Money is good/Money is bad campaign. We don’t have an opinion on that, but thank you cards are always good,” it said on Kiwibank’s Facebook page. 

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