Money talks: Kiwibank brings back Mind Over Money for second season

Kiwibank, Nigel Latta and TVNZ are back for a second season of Mind Over Money – this time revealing people’s money personalities and how this impacts on relationships.

The unusual move by the bank to fund a programme, rather than an ad, paid off with the first season a ratings success with an average audience of 410,700 tuning in to watch each episode according to Nielsen, while online it became the ‘most favoured’ OnDemand show with over 40,000 streams of the first two episodes in the first two weeks.

And it wasn’t just audiences that enjoyed watching host and co-founder Nigel Latta delve deeper into the psychology of money and share life hacks to making better financial decisions, with the campaign taking home the Financial and Banking category at the TVNZ–NZ Marketing Awards last year. The judges commented that it was an innovative approach to an age-old category problem.

“Very courageous – imagine an ad that rated number one against The Bachelor. Strong links to core business strategy and standout results for the brand,” were the remarks.

The programme, funded by Kiwibank and produced in partnership with Ruckus for TVNZ, spurred over 80,000 New Zealanders to visit Kiwibank’s Mind Over Money website to improve their financial literacy, and almost half of those Kiwibank polled (44 percent) said the show impacted on their personal money management.

Mind Over Money season two is taking the psychology one step further, revealing over six episodes how we each have a money personality – from free-spirited ‘freedom seekers’ or sensible ‘security savers’ and how each personality can be a great ally, or a great obstacle.

From 11 April, viewers will also be able to take the Mind Over Money personality quiz at mindovermoney.kiwi in order to find out which money personality they are, and apply Latta’s tips and tricks to their own lives.

Mark Wilkshire, Kiwibank general manager marketing, says the first series of Mind Over Money opened Kiwis’ eyes to how many of the decisions we make with money are influenced by our learned experiences, behaviours and psychology.

“Making better decisions when it comes to finances relies on having a really clear understanding of why we do the things we do with money.”

He adds Mind Over Money isn’t about making people feel bad for decisions they’ve made with their money, or lecturing them on what they have to do. 

“That’s why the show is so important – it’s an entertaining and insightful look at what are often very complex relationships with money. Building a better understanding of what drives our financial behaviour is the best way to improve outcomes, and we see it as a key way for Kiwibank to deliver on our core purpose of making Kiwis better off.”

Kiwibank’s efforts in raising the country’s financial literacy was one of the highlights for departing Kiwibank general manager of marketing communications Regan Savage who is departing for Trade Me this month, where he will be take up the position of marketing director.

Following the launch of season one, Savage told StopPress it was careful not to make the series an infomercial and instead opted to keep Kiwibank’s branding to a minimum within it.

“We were very specific from the get-go about creating a show that stood alone as a successful TV show versus creating a campaign that goes around that show. By keeping those distinct, we achieved the goal of making a great show and a campaign without diluting either.”

TVNZ commercial director Paul Maher says the company is pleased to be teaming up with Kiwibank and Ruckus again for season two of Mind Over Money.

“The first season sparked a national conversation. It showed us that New Zealanders have a multitude of attitudes towards money. We’re excited to be taking it up a notch in 2018 and we think New Zealanders are going to be both informed and entertained by what the series has in store for them.”

The six half-hour episode series will air Mondays on TVNZ1 from 23 April and will stream on TVNZ OnDemand.

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