Kiwi wedding magazine Together Journal joins the UK market

New Zealand based wedding magazine Together Journal has recently landed a partnership with influential UK publisher i-can, and is now being sold throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Together Journal showcases the trends and diversity emerging from modern weddings around the world.

It caters to everyone through its wedding and occasion fashion, floral and table styling, honeymoon travel, gift ideas, and lifestyle content.

Following her background in marketing, fashion and wedding photography, founding editor Greta Kenyon has invested four years of hard work to make a mark within the industry and have the magazine operate at a global level.

“We have worked incredibly hard and I love that we have done it all right here from New Zealand” she says.

Since the beginning of the publication, Kenyon has made sure the award-winning magazine promoted inclusivity. Featuring same-sex marriage, less traditional ceremonies, and high and low budget weddings, Together Journal is unique within its category.

Kenyon says the magazine includes weddings that are diverse in style but are always stylish, providing readers with new ideas and permission to celebrate the big day in their own way.

“We show couples doing things their way, breaking rules, getting married in their backyards, favourite restaurants, theatres, in the forest.

“You can combine elements from two, three, four cultures, if that’s your background, and bring the things you like most from each other and fuse them together to make your own day.”

Produced in Auckland, the independent publication has sold throughout New Zealand and Australia and in more than 300 Barnes and Noble stores in the US. With the recent launch in the UK and Ireland, Together Journal is continuing to expand its readership. UK distributor Adam Long says he is excited to be involved in the UK launch of Together Journal.

“With its stylish covers, quality design, excellent content and premium paper stock, I’m confident it will be well received by the UK market,” says Long.

“The initial response and support from key retail groups have been amazing. The circulation strategy and ambition is to evolve Together Journal into one of the UK’s prestige titles and stimulate the UK wedding sector.”

As weddings become more creative and customised, more designer fashion and lifestyle brands become eager to collaborate.

Kenyon says her magazine creates an ideal platform for labels to deliver brand extension.

New Zealand designer Karen Walker, who launched her coveted Karen Walker Atelier bridal collection this year, says Together Journal creatively spotlights current trends.

“From day one, Together Journal’s been the perfect, modern lens through which to view celebrations of love and commitment,” Walker says.

“It frees these moments from tradition and puff and shoes how they can be when they’re modern, authentic and individual. Its storytelling is completely and effortlessly in sync with the movement.”

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