King St expands digital service to help SMEs

Hamilton’s leading full-service advertising and media agency King St has launched a new digital product, S2, aimed specifically at helping SMEs navigate the complex digital world.

CEO Chris Williams says: “In the 22 years we’ve been in business we’ve always wanted to be in a better position to work with SMEs.

“Our model is more geared towards larger clients, so we’ve adopted a new approach that enables us to apply our skills and experience in the SME space.

“S2 stands for search and social. But it also has another meaning. S2 is a star in the centre of the milky way galaxy so if you think of the digital world as a galaxy, we will aim to put businesses in the centre of it.”

Those who have tried their hand at digital activity will know how complex and ever changing it is. And nowadays, it’s important to integrate all activity and adopt best practice web strategy. 

Williams says: “Our team loves working on the inside of the digital machine.

“They’re all talented, Google accredited and committed to driving results. The aim is to work as if we’re an in-house digital team.”

Along with search and social, the S2 product also includes web strategy and design as well as content creation. For websites that aren’t quite up to scratch, there’s an audit component to the web element. The King St creative team will also contribute with ideas, design and production when required.

Williams adds: “We’re excited about this move.

“We already have a lot of interest so we’re looking forward to helping more businesses get more traffic, leads and sales!”

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