KFC debuts a dreamy Colonel

KFC’s Colonel has a new, younger look to mark the return of the Nashville Hot Chicken to the menu.

In a new 1950’s rock-and-roll style spot, Vincent Kartheiser plays a hearthrob version of the Colonel who appears on the cover of what looks to be a record, which a teenage girl is swooning over.

The teen is so obsessed with the dreamy Colonel, his picture appears all over her room.


Kartheiser, 37, is the youngest actor to play the Colonel and fans of Mad Men may recognise him from his role as Pete.

Over the years the Colonel has been played by a number of actors, and earlier this year one of those Darrell Hammond expressed his hard feelings towards KFC because he shared the role with Norm Macdonald and Jim Gaffigan. Their TVCs are below:

Darrell Hammond

Norm Macdonald

Jim Gaffigan

George Hamilton (the extra crispy Colonel)

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