Kapiti embraces intelligent design

Kapiti Ice Cream is jumping on the pop-up ‘brandwagon’ this week and opening three temporary exhibitions around Auckland to showcase the best of New Zealand design and dish out a few of their creamy ‘pop-upsicles’ to wandering freegans.

The ‘pop-up’ shop fronts, inspired by Kapiti’s new designer range of ice creams, opened on Tuesday. And, in partnership with George FM, samples will be handed out at the three different locations (238 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland, 7 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden and the Michelle Yvette deluxe boutique, 30 Customs Street, Britomart) each day this week between 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

Pop-up stores are currently fairly zeitgeisty in the retail space overseas but Kapiti Ice Cream claims to be one of the first Kiwi brands to use it as a marketing tool in New Zealand (Tiger Translate is also trumpeting its unique pop-up idea for the upcoming arty event).

Kapiti’s marketing manager Angelina Ashcroft says the store fronts allow the company to bring Kapiti by Design to life in an experiential, relatively untraditional way.

The exhibition windows, dressed by New Zealand television personality and interior stylist LeeAnn Yare, incorporate a range of Kiwi designer ensembles by Michelle Yvette and Juliette Hogan.

But wait! Kapiti’s association with New Zealand design doesn’t end there: the quirky television commercial features New Zealand a range of Kiwi ‘designers’, including Antipodes water, Thatch, Michelle Yvette, Model-tech Kitset, Dishy, Jill Main, Gummies, Citta, Kathryn Wilson, Chaos and Harmony.Youtube Video

And the series of melty designer print ads for Kapiti are damn good too.

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