Ghost chips, anyone?

The Jono and Ben team penetrate layers in a recent clip about New Zealand drink-driving ads, which becomes a parody of a drink-driving ad of a parody of a drink-driving ad (we could go on).

As part of the “Jono vs Ben” segment on The Jono and Ben Show, Ben took to the streets to question the public on their favourite catch phrases from drink-driving ads, getting them to act them out before finding himself, Guy Williams and Outrageous Fortune actor Tammy Davis in a series of their own ads.

And in terms of drink-driving ad motifs, they’ve checked nearly everything off the list, from unnatural scripted language in their use of the word “beersies”, a racially diverse group of friends, the subsequent positive drink-driving commercial and even a slow-motion car crash.

There are also a few surprise appearances from actors in well-known drinking commercials, reprising their roles for the skit.

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