V Energy pits Jono and Ben against each other for launch of two new flavours

Graphite, Carnival, Reactor, Gnarly and Kaboom are just some of the flavours that V has introduced to varying degrees of success over the last few years, and the company is continuing this trend by releasing two fresh variations. But this time, instead of giving the drinks names that would be better suited to comic book villains, the energy drinks company has commissioned Jono and Ben to appear on the respective cans.

The campaign plays off the usual rivalry between the comedic pair by calling on consumers to share which flavour they think is superior.


Fans of V Energy tend to be quite passionate about the drink, with some going as far as tattooing the brand’s logo on their bodies, and the campaign has already led to comments streaming in on social media, focusing not only on the new drinks but also on the flavours that came before.

In the lead up to the release of the new cans, Jono and Ben also appeared in a pair of videos that employed some of the duo’s usual gags. The first video features Jono participating in a faux taste test in which he samples vinegar, soap and hot sauce, while the second has him appear on the Shopping Channel with Ben feeding in instructions through an earpiece.    



This isn’t the first time that Jono and Ben have worked with V Energy. Last year, the pair also brought 90s rap icon Vanilla Ice to New Zealand to participated for a one-off concert at Auckland’s Powerstation as part of of the ‘Give it a V’ campaign. 

As is evident from these initiatives, the pair are given quite a high level of creative freedom when it comes to integrating branded content into their programming. And this is particularly attractive to brands, such as V, that covet the youner target market that follows the pair across channels. 

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