Jones to agencies: use the Force

Jason Jones, former creative services manager for DraftFCB and more recently head of integrated production at Sugar, bought The Collective Force from founder Christina Force a few months back. And with refreshed branding, a new website and a re-energised roster of photographers including Andreas Smetana, Charlie, Chris Lewis, Kieran Scott, Sara Orme, emerging talent Tom Roberton, Charles Howells and Spid, he’s looking “to reclaim its position as New Zealand’s premier photography agency”. 

Jones has spent around 17 years in the industry and, as an art buyer, helped creatives execute award-winning campaigns on time and on budget and was responsible for commissioning the most suitable photographer for each concept, which saw him “exposed to the best talent, creatively and photographically”.

“We’re excited about the future,” says Jones. “And look forward to working with our creative partners to help provide solutions to their next campaigns or photographic projects … The Collective Force represents a diverse but complementary roster of respected, individually successful photographers who have come together to form a collaborative partnership with our clients.”

Force established the company, which was New Zealand’s first photography agency, in 1996 after arriving in New Zealand from the London ad industry, and she built it into an international go-to agency, introducing local photographers to Asia and the USA and bringing countless global campaigns to New Zealand’s shores.

She has recently moved into consulting to photographers and she will remain part of The Collective Force as consultant until April 2014.

And here’s some purty pictures from the gang.

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