Jobs lost as Johnson & Johnson restructures

Ah the swings and roundabouts of local branding with multinational companies.  Johnson & Jonson Pacific Ltd has been quietly reviewing its New Zealand organisational structure in light of changing business conditions in the local industry, and the entire marketing department is the first casualty.

A Johnson & Johnson Pacific spokesperson says “we have come to the difficult decision to close our Brand Marketing department in New Zealand. The number of employees affected will be few; however, we are committed to helping each of these individuals by finding redeployment opportunities,  where possible within the broader organisation, or by providing placement services.”

“It is important to note that, as we move forward, our Customer Marketing resources will be enhanced to ensure that the needs of our customers and our consumers continue to be met.”

“We constantly review our cost structure, assessing our personnel needs and resource allocations as a normal course of business planning.  This difficult decisions is a result of that ongoing process.”

Ah the cyclical nature of such business cost-cutting decisions.  One of Johnson & Johnson’s main competitors, the massive consumer products beast that is Unilever, went through this exact same exercise a while back, before seeing the error of their ways. We’ve heard Unilever, which has a new top dog at the Australasian helm, is set to move some of its marketing department back to New Zealand soon, from Australia, after seeing the two markets were in fact quite different.

Oh the humanity.

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