It’s what on the outside that counts: Unpackit awards shine light on good and bad of Kiwi packaging

The country’s packaging heroes and villains have been unmasked once again thanks to the Unpackit awards, with the folks from Wanaka Wastebusters whittling down 200 nominations to the eight best and worst examples of packaging in New Zealand. 









Among the good were the minimalistic Apple iPhone 4 packaging, ‘nude food’ lunch boxes, ecostore dishwashing tablets, the Caffe Prima disposable coffee bag, Bin Inn, Chux biodegradable wipes, the ideal cup and the potato pack.








And among the bad were Arnott’s Shapes, Sunsweet’s individually wrapped prunes (which are back after winning the worst title last year), supermarket tray madness for meat and vegetables, Barbie, disposable coffee cups, Fantastic Noodles and Oral B toothbrush heads.

Voting is still open to the public. And the winners—and losers—will be announced in June.

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