It’s welcome back to Sam as Anchor taps into family nostalgia for 125th birthday

The ideal scenario for any ad is that it will leave a memorable impression on the viewer and, probably because of its “soap drama” format, most of us clearly remember Sam and her separated parents from the mini Anchor family drama that made its debut in 1989. That was more than 20 years ago, but anchor has plans to tap into the nostalgia with a new campaign to celebrate its 125th birthday in September.








Citing Sam and her folks as inspiration, the campaign is calling for all New Zealanders to tell their story, expressing why their family should be reunited on Anchor’s website. Further engaging with its consumers, or potential consumers, the campaign then asks Kiwis to vote on their favourite stories. But in the end, the final decision comes back to Sam and her parents because it is the original Anchor family who will decide which families will win their own reunion in November this year.






Anchor has also got Mr Vintage in on the act with a limited edition run of original milk run t-shirts worn by milkmen in the eighties. A commemorative half pint jug will also be up for grabs through Trade Me. All proceeds from the jug sale will go to the 2011 Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.


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