It’s a knockout: Battle of the Adshel campaigns begins

Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and our very own David Tua. Sure, the boxing world
has been graced by many a talent over the decades, but Adshel reckons the pool
of knockout talent isn’t the exclusive domain of athletes. Its newly launched
Knockout campaign is an intercontinental
battle where the best Adshel campaigns from the previous quarter are pitted
against each other, with the ultimate power falling into the hands of you, the
discerning industry player, to cast your vote.

launch the competition, the team at Adshel have chosen the 12 finalists from
the second quarter of 2012, which include entries from SparkPHD, Starcom,
Mitchells, Zenith Optimedia and OMD. Each finalist will be paired against a
competitor and the audience then vote on each of the six pairings. The process
of elimination will determine the one supreme poster to be crowned Adshel
Knockout champion. And to make it a little fairer, the pairings of the
finalists will be random and change with each new visit to the site. 

are encouraged to call on their networks through the site’s social media
sharing capabilities of Facebook and Twitter.

from bragging rights and a general feeling of superiority, the champion of each
quarter will be inducted into Adshel’s Knockout Hall of Fame and will also
receive a pair of boxing gloves that will come in handy for those inevitable
office stoushes over the last packet of peanuts in the vending machine. 

“We are
really excited to be able to showcase the high quality creative being displayed
on Adsehl street furniture in a fun way,” says Adsehl’s marketing manager Emma
Barnes. “The public voting system will ensure there is authenticity to the
contest and we encourage some friendly competition within the finalists”.

Check out the contenders here.

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