It’s hip to be Foursquare: BurgerFuel locks in new social media campaign

BurgerFuel has once again hopped on the interactivity campaign train, starting a location based social media promotion with L&P and location-based digital platform for nerds, Foursquare.

The campaign, to be promoted online and POS in-store, gives BurgerFuel customers who use Foursquare a free L&P in the classic brown glass bottle when they check in on the social media app at any BurgerFuel and buy a burger.

BurgerFuel’s marketing manager Alexis Lam says hundreds of customers were checking in on Foursquare every week, and the communications team saw this as an opportunity to reward their loyal customers.

“Before we started having specials on Foursquare we had customers checking in without getting rewards. These people are doing it so we thought we would reward them and see how it goes.”

L&P was a good fit to the promotion, says Lam,  because BurgerFuel and L&P are two Kiwi icons founded on the innovative number 8 wire mentality.

“This is the perfect fit for the two brands to complete an undeniably classic Kiwi combo – BurgerFuel with L&P. We often see photos (online or sent in to BurgerFuel) of people living the Kiwi experience with our Bastard burger, kumara fries and a bottle of L&P.”

BurgerFuel is not the first Kiwi company to utilise Foursquare . Many cafes and bars around the nation are listed as places to check in, with Air New Zealand also joining the bandwagon and opening its Foursquare account mid last year.

But BurgerFuel is no stranger to interactivity, digital campaigns or going after yoof markets. The company has nearly 14,000 fans on Facebook, and is currently running a campaign both in-store and online where customers can win a trip to America. Lam says the team is always looking for overseas trends and try to be first to initiate similar campaigns here.

“Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. We are very active in Twitter and Facebook, we’ve played around with QR codes, and we will be doing something in the future with videos, music, that kind of thing.”

He notes that Foursquare is taking off in a big way in Australia and Dubai, and after the write-up about it in tech publication Wired UK, BurgerFuel thought it was an excellent way to reward customers and inspire loyalty.

“Foursquare is huge in these places and in the states. It’s the next big thing, and we want to be a part of that.”

It’s worth mentioning that in 2007 BurgerFuel was listed on the stock exchange, and was the first company in Australasia, and “possibly in the world”, to enable potential shareholders to buy shares with their credit card.



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