It’s always been there

The Cannes Festival of Creativity has released a short video clip celebrating the moments that inspire people to become creative. 

“It’s always been there, that thing that sets you apart,” says the voiceover while a series of faux biographical snapshots roll out on screen.  

“Every book you’ve read and every film you’ve ever seen. The teacher that told you that anything was possible, played you jazz riffs instead of teaching you music. The minds that pushed boundaries, those creators of beautiful things…”

Juxtaposing the pain of rejected ideas with the elation of getting paid for doing something you love, the campaign will clearly tug at the heartstrings of the creatives Cannes is hoping to reach.

But while the spot might have some creatives exclaiming ‘That’s so me?’, we can’t help but wonder what Frida Kahlo, an active socialist and close friend of Leon Trotsky, would think about having her image and legacy lent to the promotional activities of a festival that celebrates the most commercial of industries, advertising.    

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