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New Zealand Post has been in the news recently after announcing the arrival of ‘Localist’, a start-up directory business that aims to target Auckland’s small to medium sized businesses, where the local advertising market is thought to be worth around $600 million a year. Yellow responded to the threat with an $8 million investment and the promise of 100 new national sales roles. But away from all that excitement, New Zealand Post Targeted Communications has launched another marketing toy called iTRY, a digital-to-mail sampling solution that gives companies an opportunity to get their products and services into the hands of consumers to trial.

Advertisers (so far Bell Tea, Hubbards and Fairfax have given it a go) simply include an offer within their marketing communication that invites consumers to text a customised keyword to 879 to register. A free sample or offer is then delivered to the consumer in custom-branded packaging, along with product information and further offers if desired. Consumers can also visit www.iTRY.co.nz to register and receive samples, services or offers.

Dr Sohail Choudhry, general manager – targeted communications and premium business, says iTRY offers a solution for advertisers across a limitless range of brands—and not just FMCG brands but a whole range of product and service industries.

“Product trials and information delivery campaigns can be resource-heavy and difficult to quantify, and often don’t produce any customer data. We saw a need for a simple, cost-effective sampling solution that offers accountability, measurability and unique data insights,” he says. “iTRY provides advertisers with the ability to run multi-channel sampling campaigns to consumers across New Zealand using established communications channels, combined with New Zealand Post’s database and fulfilment capability.”

He says iTRY also presents products in a custom-branded digital environment that measures consumer engagement across multiple channels, which means they can easily measure success and return on investment and identify which channels are working hardest for them. They also receive a comprehensive targeted database and valuable customer insights that can be used for future marketing initiatives.

“iTRY is the latest demonstration of New Zealand Post’s strategy of listening to our markets and meeting changing customer needs by offering innovative digital communications solutions that dovetail with our traditional products and services. During 2009 and 2010, we’ve launched a number of ground-breaking initiatives that incorporate both digital and established direct channels. iTRY is yet another significant multi-channel development.”

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