Ironing delicious as ‘super-regional’ bank confuses regions

The release of ANZ’s new ‘super-regional’ brand initiative is a very exciting time for the bank. So exciting, in fact, it forgot to check which country Cathedral Cove was located in.

The new brand is being ‘rolled out’ internally in New Zealand at present. And the bank, in conjunction with Lonely Planet, has released an internal brochure to help staff manage the transition to a new brand.

PB190151The intro explains the rationale behind the super-regional approach and the rest of the brochure explains the different places it does business.

Unfortunately, the illustration for the Australian section is a picture of New Zealand’s pohutakawa-ridden Cathedral Cove.

It’s an honest mistake, but, given ANZ’s new tagline ‘We live in your world’, it’s an entertainingly ironic one. And it’s a bit of a double woopsie considering the brochure was produced by the well-travelled folks at Lonely Planet.

Maybe it’s intentional: a subtle visual joke meant to illustrate what happens when a bank becomes “super-regional”.

ANZFittingly, ANZ’s new logo has been dubbed ‘The Lotus’. And we say fittingly because the Lotus-eaters of yore who ate the flower went into a narcotic, forgetful stupor. Perhaps ANZ hopes its customers will look at the new logo (some have started calling it the ‘upside down pig’s face’ and there’s a bit more pith here) and follow in their ancient, forgetful, Lotus-eating footsteps.



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