An ironic giveaway

After a brief but rewarding fling with StopPress and Idealog, tech reporter/photographer/regional man of mystery Sim Ahmed finished up yesterday and is off to work for POS start-up Vend HQ. But we’re not letting him get away without mentioning a bit of copyright hilarity he was involved in on Twitter last week. 

After posting some photos of the protests over the GCSB bill to his Auckland photo blog Aucklandia (download the tablet app, which the annoyingly talented bastard made himself, here), Vikram Kumar, the ex-head of Internet NZ and now chief executive of Mega, tweeted a link to them. But he then gave permission for someone else to use the photos. Needless to say, the irony of that decision wasn’t lost on some astute observers.  


Thankfully, the generous Mr Ahmed agreed to let his handiwork be shown and everyone lived happily ever after. 

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