Interbrand puts its heart into Mini

More than 2300 votes were cast and the team from Interbrand New Zealand has been crowned the winner of the I wrapped it my way’ Mini design competition for its ‘Mend a Broken Heart’ entry.

The wrap design, created by Graham Murray, Jim Murray and Debbie Hyde, was inspired by the Heart Children New Zealand charity, and aimed to show how the organisation supports all New Zealand children born with heart disease from birth and throughout their lives. The design conveyed this with the use of simple child-like sketches that gradually build in vibrancy and detail, leading the eye to an explosion of colour towards the back of the car. The front and back of the Mini both feature a bold heart that the elements flow from, which creates an organic design that ties in full circle around the car.

James Bickford, Interbrand NZ’s managing director, accepted the award and swiftly donated the prize to Lara Sydell, the chief executive of Heart Children New Zealand, who gets to boost around in the branded Mini Cabriolet for the next four months.

The competition was organised by GEON, Mini, The Pond, BJ Ball and ProDesign to tie into their sponsorship of the recent Best Awards. But, as a moderately interesting side note, a bit of a stoush developed between the organisers of the awards, the Designer’s Institute of New Zealand and the group of sponsors, as, slightly perplexingly, DINZ didn’t give its approval for the awards to be linked to this pretty cool promotion.

The five losing finalists can be seen above and you can check out the rest of the impressive entries here. Judging by the standard, it’s clear those designers obviously have too much time on their hands.

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