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CX and the digital direction

The customer experience (CX) is at the heart of this issue of NZ Marketing. Marketers, agencies and business leaders engage the topic from all angels: internal business strategy; the role data plays in developing better CX; and how the latest digital trends – from AI and AR to VR – are helping them navigate better customer journeys.

These insights into the latest trends in CX will allow marketers to elevate their CX offering from ordinary to extraordinary as they look to triumph over their competitors.

Navigating CX in the time of Covid-19 and in the face of a global economic downturn has also brought its own set of challenges for marketers. Graham Medcalf gets to grips with marketing in a downturn as longstanding marketers offer thoughts on how brands should best approach the precarious situation.

A man who knows a few things about marketing, Mark Ritson, also weighs in on the situation as he gives us an exclusive interview on his game-changing Mini MBA course.

Producing a magazine during the hight of Covid-19 in New Zealand also proved to be challenging as the media industry (along with many other industries) took a hard knock and with it advertising revenue. In the face of the Bauer closure and redundancies at other media houses we get an update on the ever-changing face of the media and how this is going to impact on advertising confidence and spend.

Also inside this issue of NZ Marketing

We chat with the judges of this year’s Beacon Awards and get their thoughts on what it takes to be a gold medal winner.

Plus, all our regular features including: our Up & comer Vlad Petrovic (FCB); Horse’s mouth, Jason Wells (DOT Loves Data); and thought-provoking opinion pieces, including the marketing laws Damon Stapleton (DDB) lives by, and which help him create compelling customer experiences.

So, be sure to get your hands on a copy of our award-winning magazine, and rate our CX.

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