Impropitious bits

While wandering down the main street of Whakatane recently, we couldn’t help but notice this gift shop mascot and his unfortunate hand placement. And that got our immature minds thinking about other unintentional genitalia. 

One of the most famous is the Coca-Cola blowjob poster

As Snopes said: 

This poster was released in the mid 80s and prompted a total recall of all posters because of the picture painted in ice-cubes at bottom right corner – a woman performing an act. The graphic artist who designed the picture put this in as a joke, and it went through unnoticed until someone spotted it on the back of a Coke truck. The artist lost his job and was sued, and all promotional material had to be recalled and destroyed. Very rare and hard to get hold of — released in South Australia in mid ’80s. 

There’s also a long history of unfortunate logos

Some news reporters have also had phallic trouble. 

And there are even examples from other planets, with the Mars Rover getting in on the act. 

And if you still haven’t had enough, here’s Deadspin’s Unintentional Dongs.

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