When fancy furniture meets a climbing wall

While the rest of the world is intent on trying to come to grips with what the digital world offers, Ikea seems satisfied in sticking with the comfort of the conventional. This was seen recently when the high-end furniture company re-imagined its annual catalogue as a state-of-the art bookbook.

But working in a conventional channel doesn’t always imply simplicity. Recently, in an effort to celebrate the opening of its 30th store in France, Ikea constructed a nine-metre-high climbing wall in Clermont-Ferrand.

The elaborate outdoor activation resembles a cross-section of an apartment and includes real items of furniture that climbers can sit on while they progress up the wall. Though unconfirmed by any sources whatsoever, there’s speculation that Jeff Goldblum is already in talks with Ikea on the possibility of purchasing the apartment in an effort to revisit the good ‘ol days in the ’80s when he was The Fly. 

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