‘I’d rather watch paint dry’

With Warehouse Stationery’s YouTube page predominantly filled with a series of nifty ‘back to school’ tips, one video—upon closer inspection—clearly stands out from the crowd in both length and subject.

Titled ‘Paint Drying’, the two and a half hour video is a pretty self-explanatory endeavour. What does remain in question is, why?

While the video’s description suggests the whole thing is a joke, perhaps the stationery retailer has taken a page out of McDonald’s ‘boring’ tactics when it live-streamed footage of its bacon and egg pies cooking in the oven. Or perhaps it was inspired by George FM, who live streamed footage of a jar of lollies in its office as part of a competition to win tickets to Lollapalooza. 

Whatever the reason behind Warehouse Stationery’s decision to upload this enigmatic video, when the next person decides to convey their boredom by stating they’d “rather watch paint dry”, you know exactly where to go. 

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