Hyundai continues its focus on family time, laughs in the face of heartless whiners by bringing back the ‘get lost’ girl

Hyundai has brought back its ‘Power off, Family on’ campaign—and with it Kayla, the star of its polarising ‘Get lost’ spot from a few months back. 

The ‘Power off, Family On’ campaign was created to encourage families across New Zealand to tear themselves away from their smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices for a weekend to focus on family instead — and the chance of winning $10,000 worth of fuel from BP. The event took place over the weekend. 

The car brand released a few new videos in conjunction with this iteration of its Family Time campaign, with some of them being rehashed version of last year’s, featuring the campaign’s spokesperson Nigel Latta.

It’s thought Shine was again behind the campaign, but we are yet to hear back.

In the Tuscon ad, which was shot by Robin Walters of Curious, Kayla urges Kiwis to ‘Get lost’ in New Zealand with their families and takes a good-natured swipe at the current culture of work and gadgets taking precedence over time spend with the family. 

It seemed some missed the point, however, concentrating more on the “irritating” yelling of the girl rather than the overall message.

Angry commenters aside, the Tuscon was named AA car of the year and the current Family Time campaign has seen good engagement: over 2015 and 2016, 488,810 family time hours have been pledged and a total of 17,576 families have participated, according to Hyundai. A microsite for the campaign invites participators to share their stories online.

As for sales, Hyundai was fifth on the overall list with 8,329 passenger and commercial vehicles sold in 2015, up from 7,591 in 2014. 

Hyundai has been focusing on the importance of family time—and the role its family wagons can play in facilitating that—for a while, and this approach is a good example of brands with a purpose being more successful than those that just want to flog more stuff. 

According to Sustainable Brands, research on the world’s 50 fastest growing brands found a cause-and-effect relationship between a brand’s ability to serve a higher purpose and its financial performance.

The list includes brands such as Method, Seventh Generation, Stonyfield Farm and Chipotle.

“We wanted to uncover which brands grew the most over the past decade, both in terms of customer bonding and shareholder value,” said Millward Brown Optimor VP Benoit Garbe, who led the research.

“Once we identified these brands, our burning question was what, if any, were the common principles that sparked and sustained their growth.”

The research team uncovered that the most successful brands were built on an ideal of improving lives in some way, regardless of size and category.

Marketing Week reports a purpose can be defined through “a brand slogan, a commitment to sustainable living or schemes and projects that give back to local communities …”

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