Kiwibank cashes in on cuteness, asks Kiwi kids what they know about money—UPDATED

​Kiwibank has turned up the cute in its latest campaign, by Assignment Group, featuring young ones sharing their thoughts on money.

As expected, Kiwi kids don’t know much about money, instead their imagination sees them believe the tooth fairy and the “money man” are the source of money and, in once case, underground tubes  used to deliver money to machines.

They do however know what money can be spent on chocolate, a pony and a Darth Maul lightsaber. 

Head of marketing communications and content Regan Savage says the bank is all about “Kiwis Making Kiwis Better Off”, and that includes little Kiwis too.

“Kids today have less chance to learn about money because cash transactions are being displaced by cards and now apps as well,” he says. “That said, a small amount of cash is still floating around most homes, so we thought we would help kids and their parents be more purposeful in using that cash to good effect.”

The campaign comes after the bank partnered with Banqer earlier this year to sponsor its use in 1,000 New Zealand classrooms. 

Banqer allows teachers to set up a currency in the classroom and facilitate lessons that enable students to learn about money in the real world including debt, interest and things like a mortgage.

Savage says while Banqer makes use of technology and resides in the classroom, saving money in a money box, as the campaign encourages, is something that can be done in any home.

Kiwibank is the latest company to test the theory that cute sells. The past year has seen a spate of children focused campaigns in which young ones share their incomprehensible, and sometimes ridiculous views, on insurance, what they want to do when they grow up and power. Some have even donned wigs to impersonate Donald Trump.

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