Honest to a fault

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Who’s it for: Whittaker’s Peanut Slab by Assignment Group

Why we like it: Good honest chocolate. Very good entertaining montage. And there are plenty more very funny ‘swear by the slab’ moments here.

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Who’s it for: Persil and Curious Film

Why we like it: The recent Rexona spot featuring a cast of All Blacks was, god forbid, made by an Aussie agency but shot by a Kiwi. And with Unilever’s business largely run out of Australia, it’s the same deal for the filming of our present and future football/soccer stars in this Persil Small Whites ad too, with Generator United the agency and Curious on production duties. Extra point awarded for impressive rendition of the robot.

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Who’s it for: 2degrees by TBWA\ and Film Construction

Why we like it: Even without Rhys Darby’s face on display, 2degrees’ Bruce and Brian spots still managed to pique the interest of the public and took out Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award for March as a result. But its latest short but sweet offering to promote the Pre-Pay Combo Pack has gone back to it quirky visual roots and applied the good old ‘frontman-doing-weird-things’ formula. And once again it’s up to the usual standards.

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