Honda re-imagines split-screen storytelling

The bar for long-form advertising on YouTube has been raised by the ambitious projects several major brands over the last few years. Guinness, Chipotle, Johnnie Walker and Chanel No 5 have all commissioned the development of creative projects that seemingly conflate the disparate worlds of advertising and entertainment.

And recently, when Honda released a series of teasers for its upcoming campaign, it seemed as though the online community would be treated to another online advert posing as a short story.

But, what we got was something quite different. 

When the campaign was finally unveiled, Honda revealed a mind-blowing YouTube execution that took split-screen story-telling to a whole new level. Embedded on a discrete tab within the Honda YouTube channel, the interactive ‘The Other Side’ campaign tells two stories simultaneously.

As the narrative unfolds, the viewers is encouraged to push the ‘R’ key to see the other side of the story. And each time it’s pushed, the story flips from one that depicts a father collecting his children to one of a getaway driver (who happens to be the same person) speeding away. The seamlessness of the scene changes and the way the two stories tie together make this campaign a visual treat, which simultaneously shows off the sports features of the Type R concept car and safety features the Civic.     

Click here to experience the campaign.    



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