Honda gets handsy again with stop-motion epic

While everyone’s automotive attention is currently on the sneaky emissions-dodging Germans, Honda continues to pump out the advertising gems and, following in the footsteps of the classic Rube Goldberg effort Cog, the attention-grabbing Hands, the very clever The Other Side and the mind-hacking Keep Up, it’s weaved together around 3,000 hand-drawn images and used the power of stop motion to show 60 years of innovation. 

The ad is a continuation of its Power of Dreams campaign. And, as Creativity said: “Images include references to founder Soichiro Honda’s use of a radio generator to power his wife’s bike, Honda’s motorcycle development and multiple shots of cars past and present, including the new 2016 Pilot vehicle.”

If you want a tour of all this innovation, check out the virtual museum

RPA was behind the ad and it was shot by stop-motion artist Pes, who also made the award-winning, Academy Award-nominated short film Fresh Guacamole. 

And here’s the latest effort, Submarine Sandwich.

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