Hollywood to your home

Panasonic has rolled out a global campaign featuring a film you’ll never see.

Called ‘Hollywood to your home’, the campaign, via Brave and Framestore Pictures, is designed to showcase the performance of the brand’s newest line through bringing Hollywood into the home of film enthusiasts and occasional cinema-goers, alike.

The 80-second video switched from a noir-ish thriller to a superhero caper complete with explosions, with every scene crafted to illustrate specific features of the TV’s picture quality, like 4K HDR.

Head of marketing communications at Panasonic Consumer Marketing Europe Amaya Albisu said ‘Hollywood to your Home’ showcases the brand’s passion for engineering TVs that bring filmmakers’ visions to life in a visceral and emotional way by associating the TV range with the cinema audiences love.

Brave’s creative director Liam Fenton added that many creatives dream of making a big-budget movie, and to be able to work with the best in the business to create a trailer for four different Hollywood-style features in one “was an unforgettable experience”.

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