High tease: who’s behind the unbranded billboards?

Observant souls—and lovers of teaser campaigns—may have noticed a few unbranded billboards around Auckland featuring phrases like ‘money is bad’ and ‘money is good’. So what gives? 

Commbank recently embraced the tease for its ‘Can’t to Can’ campaign. And we’ve heard a couple of whispers that this could also be the start of a campaign for a local bank, one that starts with B and ends with NZ. Colenso BBDO’s managing director Nick Garrett was a firm no comment when asked if his agency had anything to do with it. And, despite a call and a couple of emails, we couldn’t get hold of anyone at BNZ. 

Not that they’d be likely to ruin the surprise if it was. Mystery is a powerful force these days, simply because there isn’t much of it around. Modern humans don’t like not knowing something immediately so if they can’t find something out, the hope is they’ll start speculating and, wammo, like V’s ‘is the cone on the Sky Tower real?’ stunt, there’s a bit of extra attention for the reveal—and a whole heap more conversation for the brand.  

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