Resignation rumours at Saatchi & Saatchi denied – for now

Could it be? Fastline has reported rumours from a “very reliable source” that Saatchi’s CEO Andrew Stone and ECD Mike O’Sullivan have resigned.

stoneNumerous attempts were made to get someone, anyone, to confirm or deny, but no-one in the Auckland office – including the two men in question – was answering their phone.

When told about the rumours, someone from Saatchi’s inner sanctum said: “That’s news to me.”

And StopPress even asked the receptionist.

“Best to talk to someone in management about that I think. I’ll put you through.”


However, Livia Esterhazy, General Manager of Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington did answer and put pay to the speculation.

“It’s pure rumour. There’s nothing that we know. And I’m in Auckland right now,” she says.

Resignation rumours have been rife recently, she says (as has advertising-related alliteration). And Esterhazy thinks it’s because some of the agencies “seem to be a bit shaky at the moment”.

Andrew Stone told Campaign Brief that it was still business as usual, but that the pair had been talking with head honcho Kevin Roberts (who, we’re told, was in the Auckland office on Wednesday) and Ian Rowden for a few months about what the future held.

All will be revealed by Christmas, he said.

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