Here’s to another 10?

Twitter turned 10 on Monday and while it celebrated with a #LoveTwitter hashtag, Hotwire decided to see how much love the platform was really getting and whether or not it will last another 10.

To do so, Hotwire looked at how engagement with the social media platform has evolved over the past decade. However, rather than looking at its membership numbers, it focused on how much the founders are still engaged.

When looking a the number of tweets by the founders each year, the numbers remain consistent. When comparing 2007s 2,849 tweets to 2015’s 2,891 tweets, it doesn’t appear the founders have fallen out of love with it.

However, when the tweets are sorted according to the four founders, it’s clear all the love is coming from one man.

Hamish Anderson, managing director at Hotwire New Zealand, said social media should never be measured on how many users there are, but how much those users are using it.

“It’s certainly surprising to see that even the founding fathers of Twitter are engaging less on their own social platform. Does this point to the demise of the platform, or perhaps that a group of highly influential entrepreneurs have simply moved on to the next big thing? The next 10 years could be incredible for Twitter, but it needs to evolve and those at the helm need to lead from the front.”

While its founders have run out of things to tweet about, looking across all users, the active ones are on the rise according to its fourth quarter earnings report for 2015 Twitter.

With its future up in question, I guess we now know what Twitter wished when it blew out its candles.

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