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Much like logos, slogans are one of the most accessible parts of the marketing process, which means the general public often feels compelled to pass judgment on them. At StopPress we have an unashamedly unhealthy obsession with town slogans and spend most nights and some weekends devising new ones (for example, Christchurch: Unexpectedly Dangerous). Judging by the response we usually get when we ask our readers to come up with slogans, the marcomms community likes to have a bit of fun with them too. So we got fairly excited when we saw the local Tauranga newspaper had started a campaign to come up with a new slogan for the town in time for the Rugby World Cup, simply because it didn’t have one and obviously felt like it was missing out.

Source: www.sunlive.co.nz

The ‘Tempt Me Tauranga’ campaign seen in the early 90s didn’t work out (and it’s not surprising, considering the overly buff, overly bronzed bon bons they chose to be in it). And, after a formal competition in 2001 that brought in 2400 slogan suggestions, the winning entry was ‘Simply Superb, which is as exciting as a discussion about roundabouts.

This time round, there have been plenty more slogans sent in to the paper (our favourites: ‘Tauranga: where it’s always safe to lick the windows’; ‘Tauranga: for the newly wed & the nearly dead’; and ‘Tauranga: Gateway to Rotorua’). But we think our talented readers might be able to channel their sloganistic nous within and help out the fine folk of Tauranga with a few suggestions. Add yours to the comment wall and the best effort will receive a copy of the Lurzers archive 200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide and a bottle of the “world’s first aerotonic flight beverage”, 1Above.

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