A side of brain: Hell Pizza gets deliciously creepy for Halloween

Hell Pizza has rolled out its latest offering to put customer’s taste buds and stomachs to the test by allowing them to add a serving of lamb brains to any pizza.

With brain not a regular feature on menus in New Zealand, Hell is challenging its customers to confront any preconceptions or prejudices they may have and get stuck into herb and crumb encrusted bits of brain for free.

General manager Ben Cumming said in the release that offering brain is a continuation of Hell’s desire to create new and exciting limited-time opportunities for its customers.

“There will be people who struggle to get their grey matter around the concept of eating it, which is exactly the reaction we want – where’s the challenge otherwise?,” he said.

“There are around 20 million lambs processed at meat works and abattoirs every year in New Zealand and, given brain is highly regarded by many cultures around the world, we thought we’d give Kiwis the chance to see what they’re missing out on.”

Over the week leading up to Halloween, customers will be able to ‘zombify’ any pizza by adding brains for free. There are 2,000 servings up for grabs.

To make the extra topping palatable, Hell is reminding customers that brain is loaded with goodness, such as B vitamins, selenium, comer, iron, zinc and potassium.

“Our forecast for supply is a bit of an educated ‘stab in the dark’. It seems we often underestimate Kiwis’ desire for a new experience – so my advice would be get in quick if you don’t want to miss out.”

In the past 18 months, Hell has served up rabbit, goat, deer and boar. It also challenged customers with the ‘Angry Dragon’ campaign, which saw 3,526 pizzas topped with ghost peppers and Dragon’s Fury Sauce served to brave customers. Of them, 960 managed to devour the whole pizza, and slay the dragon to make it onto the ‘Wall of Fame’.

For those willing to give the latest topping a try, the lamb brain is available now until 31 October.

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