Hell launches its next wild pizza, embroils Aussies in kangaroo hostage drama

When Hell launched its rabbit pizza a few months back, Barnes, Catmur & Friends created the world’s first rabbit skin billboard to promote it. That caught plenty of attention and helped generate some impressive sales stats and now Hell is back with its next wild pizza, the kangaroo-laced Boomer. And this time its marketing campaign consists of holding Australia to ransom. 

The first part of the campaign featured a billboard in Sydney showing a kidnapped roo and a list of outrageous demands like allowing New Zealand to play in the State of Origin, changing to a very poorly drawn flag and handing over Tasmania. 

“Without giving too much away, both consumers and media alike can look forward to poking a little bit of fun at our rivals across the ditch,” says general manager Ben Cumming.

The post on Facebook has already attracted a heap of comments, although as one commentor pointed out: “If you want to blackmail those Aussies, use possums. Protected species over there. Very tasty.” 

For its last effort, Hell ran out of rabbit meat and couldn’t source any more to cater to bigger than expected demand and, given the willingness Kiwis obviously have to try new meats (or, like the Angry Dragon, pizzas that hurt) it is expecting stocks to run out quickly for The Boomer too (it has sourced 670kg of wild kangaroo meat and expects that to last for 2-3 weeks or 6,500 pizzas). 

“We have put a lot of effort into fine-tuning the ingredients for this pizza,” says Cumming. “We’ve been trying all sorts of different wild meats, and settled on wild kangaroo primarily because it makes a damned tasty pizza, but it also ticks the sustainability box, it’s a premium meat option being high in fibre and low in fat, and it will probably be something totally new for our customers to try … When we introduced the wild rabbit pizza, there was a lot of interest around ethics and sustainability from the New Zealand public. We are sure the wild kangaroo pizza will spark more public debate, and we’re very confident that the pizza stacks up on flavour and ethical grounds.”

He says kangaroos are very well managed in Australia, which means you can eat it with a clear conscience.

“Each year, government authorities estimate kangaroo populations and then give a quota. It certainly hasn’t dented the numbers. They are still one of the most abundant large wild land mammals on earth with around a million in the wild. Many veterinary and animal welfare groups, conservation organisations and ecologists support the kangaroo harvest and it even has RSPCA approval.”

The Boomer will be available from Friday 4 July until stocks last, and cost $21 for a double and $10 for snack size. 

In other Hell Pizza news, it signed on as a sponsor of What We Do in the Shadows (which has made it to number one on the box office) and it got Taika Waititi in to spruik its wares.  

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