Hell cease and desist wins Barnes, Catmur & Friends Newspaper Ad of the Month

Using a full page ad to poke fun at a Hell Pizza competitor with faux legal jargonry has won Barnes, Catmur & Friends the June Newspaper Ad of the Month award from News Works.

The ad appeared in a June issue of New Zealand Herald and asks Pizza Hut to cease its search engine marketing using Hell Pizza keywords. Addressed to Mr Hut, the strongly worded cease and desist from Mr D.E. Ville of Satan & Satan Associates seems to bear the mark of Barnes, Catmur & Friends.

Judges said the ad was a “Nice piece of topical writing, not over-styled, and used the medium well” and “gave cheek to the big guy, but not in a nasty way”. This ad puts Barnes Catmur second on the Agency League ladder, behind DDB. It also gives the agency a berth at the Newspaper Ad of the Year awards.

The video below shows a dramatisation of the battle for this month’s award – it’s pretty gruesome for such a plain topic.

Executive Creative Director: Daniel Barnes
Executive Creative Director: Paul Catmur
Head of Art: Crispin Schuberth
Creative: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Creative: Rob Cook
Account Director: Jo Cheyne
Account Director: Maike Blackman
Media Director: Katrina Reinsfield
Media Planner: Jamie Graham

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