Heineken drops drinkers right in it

If Bear Grylls can do it, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam reckons Heineken drinkers can too.  

Last week we posted a clip of the fantastic test Heineken ran that saw a woman proposition men in a bar and ask them if they had the cojones to drop everything and come on a trip to watch the Champions League final. And it has also launched a new campaign that brings its latest TVC, The Voyage, to life and puts real men to the test to find out if legends are born or dropped. 

Real-life Man of the World candidates from different markets will be tested in adventurous environments designed to take them out of their comfort zones. The first one features a sun-loving Spaniard who's dropped in the middle of Alaska with nothing but the clothes on his back. Subsequent drops will commence every three weeks for five journeys, all of which will be housed on Heineken's Dropped YouTube channel

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