Heeringa fired following drug-induced naked rampage with stapler

Well that got your attention, didn’t it. What we actually want to say is this:

It is with great sadness (bites knuckle, single tear rolling slowly down cheek) that the extremely good-looking StopPress team says farewell to our classy StopPress editor Frances Chan, who, since the site’s launch two months ago, has very successfully nurtured our on-line baby like it was one of her own, ensuring our dear readers get all the gossip, slander and news they can handle and imbuing all her stories with wit, spunk and character. Frances, we give thanks to you. You will be missed.

But it is with great joy, pomp and ceremony that we welcome Ben Fahy as the new editor of both Stoppress and NZ Marketing magazine. He is champing at the proverbial bit to indulge his passion for adjectives, verbosity, tomfoolery and marcomms newshoundery and will be let loose as All-Powerful editor this week.  Ben, the future is bright. Go easy on the beer fridge.

Ben Fahy: the musicalBen Fahy: the musical








We’ll leave the last word to Frances:

“A heartfelt, humungous thank you to everyone who has embraced and supported StopPress since its launch on August 31. That’s you – readers, commentors, competition enterers, advertisers, sponsors, bloggers, Twitterers and all the top folk at HB Media. With my launch mission complete, I am confident in handing over the reins to StopPress and Marketing magazine’s new editor, Ben Fahy.

“Ben will no doubt take StopPress further into the stratosphere. He’s a charismatic, strapping young newshound with a bloody good turn of phrase and ideas coming out of his eyeballs.

“StopPress fans – you’re in good hands.”

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