Heart of the City uncovers the many hearts of Auckland

Heart of the City has painted Auckland’s central city streets with posters this week and is taking over screens with a series of videos in a new campaign by Colenso BBDO and OMD.

There are 50 different posters running across 115 Adshel sites, 60 of which are digital and run dynamically, with specific headlines written to appear on specific days at a particular time and at a specific location.

The posters suggest particular businesses or time-based occasions like ‘City Works Depot – Perfect for Not Working’ and ‘Tried Breakfast at Amano? Now’s Good’.

Meanwhile, the 10 of the new videos showcase areas or neighbourhoods of the city centre, including Silo Park, Vulcan Lane and the Aotea Arts Quarter, while the other five are experience orientated. They cover the city’s concentration of things like sneakers, jewellery and lunchtime eats.

With each video featuring upwards of 20 shots, Steve Cochran ECD at Colenso BBDO, says that equates to 300-ish shots and more than 10 days shooting.

The videos are running in cinema, on the Link Bus network and across digital media online.

The wealth of content is the latest iteration of the creative platform created by Colenso and Heart of the City to promote the city centre businesses of Auckland, and it’s not the first time its gone big for a campaign.

In the 2016 ‘Lovebites’ campaign, 50 short films were released with each revealing an interesting fact about inner-city experiences and destinations.

Kate Cleaver, head of marketing at Heart of the City, says after two successful years of the ‘Lovebites’ campaign showcasing individual businesses, this year’s work builds out from there to help Aucklanders identify and appreciate the different, unique precincts that make up the heart of our city.

“A sum of the parts approach. Each area has a distinct offering and personality and we wanted to tell the story of those places, to give Aucklanders a small taste and encourage them to explore more.”

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