The haunted poster

A theme park in Sweden has created the most terrifying outdoor poster of all time, just in time for Halloween.

Stockholm’s Gröna Lund uses surprise to really kick in the fright on this ad, which advertises the theme park’s newest attraction: ‘House of Nightmares’.

Even the description for the haunted house is chilling.

“You are standing in front of a desolate and abandoned house. No one knows what is waiting inside, but one thing is certain – something evil is lurking in the dark. The nightmare experiments once conducted by the legendary Dr. Morphio have come to life and roam the hallways and rooms of the house. Do you dare step into Dr. Morphio’s House of Nightmares and face your worst nightmares?”

The blank canvas invites users to scan the code on their mobile phones to preview House of Nightmares. And what happens next will have thrill-seekers booking a one-way ticket to Grona Lund, and everyone else looking for the fastest route out of Stockholm.

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