Harvey Cameron gets behind 90% for Canterbury Campaign

Christchurch-based Harvey Cameron is one of driving forces behind a campaign to ensure 90 percent of Canterbury residents have at least one vaccination by Labour Weekend. 

The campaign is an additional business-led Covid-19 vaccine initiative to support the region’s vaccine rollout. It is being spearheaded by the Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce, Harvey Cameron and Christchurch Airport and supported by many other businesses who all agree that a high vaccination rate among all demographics is the only way to keep Canterbury working, businesses and schools open, people employed, events happening and the vulnerable safe.

When the 90% For Canterbury campaign kicked off three weeks ago the region was sitting at 74 percent. It is now at 87 percent with fewer than 14,500 people needing a first vaccination for the region to reach the 90 percent target by Labour Day.  

Harvey Cameron used its integrated, in-house expertise across marketing and PR to develop the creative; build a 90 For Canterbury website – featuring downloadable and customisable content, and collaborated with its media partners to create a highly visible campaign across every channel. It has also launched social media channels and driven engagement via local businesses and other influencers; deployed street teams to poster local communities and partnered with other businesses on grassroots vaccine initiatives in hard to reach communities.  

“90 per cent by Labour Weekend was a deliberately ambitious target  but the region is now on the cusp of success,” says Maria Ryan-Young, Managing Director of Harvey Cameron. 

“Harvey Cameron got behind this campaign in a big way because it’s the right thing to do for our region. We all want to get back to a way of life we love, whatever that means for each of us personally, and we all want to enjoy the summer ahead. Vaccination is the key to that.”

For businesses who want to let their customers know their staff are fully vaccinated, Harvey Cameron has also released a “We’re 100% Vaccinated” sticker and poster. The artwork can de download from the 90% for Canterbury website. 

“100 percent of the Harvey Cameron team have had at least one vaccination and everyone has their second dose booked. It means our clients can confidently continue to work with us and visit our office. We challenge other agencies to do the same,” says Ryan-Young. 

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