Grid for Good: Solarcity dedicated to a better future

Kaitiakitanga, or guardianship of the land, is the founding principle behind solar energy company Solarcity’s latest campaign ‘Grid for Good’.

The 90-second spot, created by Rainger & Rolfe, opens with a voice-over explaining the concept of kaitiakitanga while images of New Zealand scenery are shown.

The voice-over explains that New Zealand has lost sight of the concept; “Before it’s too late things must change, our future revolves around this. Energy’s the key, that is why we’ve dedicated all of ours to creating a cleaner, brighter tomorrow. One that’s sustainable and keeps our children safe.”

The ad then moves into a group of people on the beach work together to build a koru out of sand, shells and driftwood to illustrate the idea of collective energy and community.  

Andrew Booth, Solarcity founder and chief executive, says climate change “is our generation’s ‘nuclear-free moment’ and we have to do something before it’s too late”.

“Clean energy is the key, which is why we are creating the Grid for Good. We need to find solutions to create a more sustainable tomorrow that keeps our children safe, and we are working tirelessly with the government, the community and iwi to do so.”

Chris Long, creative director at Rainger & Rolfe, says Booth has an inspiring and infectious passion around helping the country achieve sustainability.

“So first and foremost we set out to find a creative way to articulate his amazing commitment to a cause he’s championed his entire life. Our direction was also inspired by the work the iwi partnerships team is doing with iwi and marae across the country. The work had to be an authentic rallying cry that is uniquely New Zealand to reflect this. Ultimately it was a real privilege to be involved. Everyone at Rainger & Rolfe is incredibly inspired by Solarcity and completely believe in what they’re aiming to achieve.”

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