The Great Letter Epidemic: Part II

Last month, StopPress delved into some serious investigative journalism when we uncovered the shocking ‘P’ epidemic overtaking the world of branding. And while we haven’t heard back about our impending Pulitzer Prize for award-winning reporting just yet, we have managed to unearth another layer to the story when we started noticing other designs weaving its way into this trend. So without further ado, we present the slightly less nefarious sounding ‘N’ epidemic of 2017. 

Case #1

If you thought Nespresso coffee pods were problematic, wait til you take a closer look at their logo. 

Case #2

News Works NZ takes the ‘N’ in ‘News’ pretty seriously.

Case #3

Production company Notable Pictures live up to their artistry and take a more painterly approach.

Case #4

First Paperboy, now Noted. Bauer make the cut yet again with a simplified logo for their current affairs platform.

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