Greasing the wheels of goodness

Back in May, Mercury Energy sent its experimental ‘Good Energy Taxi’ onto the streets of Auckland. At the time, Tequila’s main brains Ross Howard said the motorised version of a karma bank was a bit of a double whammee, with the experiential element meaning a range of Kiwis came into contact with the taxi—either in person or via social media—and the footage taken from inside the cab being made into a short documentary that captured some of the Kiwi good sorts. And now you can check that documentary out. 


For two weeks, the Good Energy Taxi picked up people at random and gave them free rides to wherever they were headed. Passengers shared their good energy—either in the cab or remotely via a Facebook app—which boosted the good energy meter, and in turn, created more free rides for other passengers.

The taxi itself was driven by Mark Hendry from Green Cabs and the wrapping was done by Taxi Impact. 


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